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On Saturday the 15th of December 2020, we headed to Diepsloot Township for our first ‘PURPOSE FOR PAWS’ vaccination and animal outreach day for the incredible organisation 

The Dogs Trust.


The work that Lee and her incredible team does is truly inspirational and from the moment we started our foundation we always wanted to assist her organisation and the furry friends of Diepsloot Township to the best of our ability.


After our first HBOLF fundraising event, we had raised enough money to vaccinate 100 dogs and we new straight away that The Dogs Trust was the organisation that we wanted to assist and so 'PURPOSE FOR PAWS' was born.

Our vaccination exceeded anything we could have ever hoped for. It was truly the most incredible and inspiring day from start to finish. The community was friendly and welcoming and made us feel right at home. It was incredible to witness so many amazing humans that love their furry friends, but do not always have the means to support them fully. This is what makes the work that The Dogs Trust do on a daily basis in Diepsloot Township so important.

We vaccinated, dewormed, did tick & flee dips and fed 100 dogs (and a few cats). We also assisted the children and Diepsloot community with food, clothing, toys and more. We had the most incredible volunteers and organisations come together to make this day happen, and of course none of this would have been possible without you guys, our incredible donors that rallied together to make sure we had enough food and goods to assist every single furry friend and ‘pawrent’ that came on the day.

We are so excited to announce that this will be a annual event held every year for Lee & her incredible team from The Dogs Trust.



THANK YOU to everyone that made our first ever charity event so absolutely incredible! We still can't believe that almost 200 of you, Harveys hero's, families, athletes and your furry friends, showed up in support of our foundation and in memory of our angel boy.

Your bright big smiles and hearts filled with so much positivity and love, is what fuels us to keep going.

You guys reminded us once again that BIG LOVE and so much HOPE really exists between incredible South Africans, united for one cause, the furry friends that we all love and care so deeply about.

It was a truly incredible morning from start to finish, we can't wait to see you all at our next one! A huge THANK YOU to our spectacular volunteers who worked super hard to make this event amazing!


A HUGE THANK YOU, to the incredible businesses, individuals and ‘Pawrents’ who came together to support our fun walk, as well as make independent donations to help our foundation grow. Because of you we have not only been able to slowly grow our foundation but have also been able to accomplish the following:

  • Sponsor 100 dogs in Diepsloot township to be vaccinated for The Dogs Trust.

  • Sponsor 4 x sterilisations for Paws R Us: SA.

  • 8 x doggy swimming pools & 20 x dog bowls were sponsored thanks to the amazing Puppify.

  • 12 x mini ACANA Pet Foods were sponsored thanks to Pack Leader Pet Products.

  • 100 portable dog bowls thanks to Avatar Sterilisation and Protection.

  • We have collected and been able to purchase over 200kg in Dog Food.

  • 20 tins of dog food.

  • 400 Black refuse bags.

  • 40 liters of green soap.

  •  6 x large tubs of pine gel.

  • 10 liters of thick bleach.

  • 12 x large water buckets.

  • Thank you to so many of you for bringing your old dog collars, leashes, blankets and a dog bed to donate.


These items will be donated to our 'Hero Charities of the Month'. Every few months we will be supporting and helping different shelters and organisations.


Without the love and support of all of you, none of this would have been possible.

Harvey's light is definitely shining bright. United once again in love & hope for the same cause, we have been able to start helping furry friends in South Africa. We are so grateful to each and every one of you.

#HBOLF #UnitedinLoveandHope #BringThemHome